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About the project

Long-term low-cost decent accommodation for refugees
from Ukraine in mobile houses with garden

We have a 450 m2 land behind the family house in the center of Ivanka pri Dunaji /Bratislava region/ with connection to all utilities. The village has complete civic amenities, parking and good public transport connections /bus, train/.


We want to offer this land free of charge for long-term use and placement of rented mobile houses, which will create 4 separate accommodation units with an adjacent fenced garden.


With this housing, we would like to help those refugees who find it difficult to find accommodation, either because of their pets or their low monthly income. We want to present this project as an easily and quickly feasible model for solving the housing problems of Ukrainian refugees in Slovakia, which can be done even on a small scale.

Future residents of the houses:

Galina & 27     & 2
Tatiana & 3    
Olena & 9     
avatar 100

All we need to do on our land is to extend the existing engineering networks and create 4 connection points, to which the leased mobile house will be connected. The monthly rent for one household would represent the cost of renting the mobile house itself and the energy consumed. For each accommodation unit there will be a fenced garden with an area of ​​6m x 12m, which the household can use for free.

Monthly rental price:

15 m2

single mobile house

+ garden



+ energy: the estimated monthly energy consumption is approximately 50 € / 1 adult

“I am helping refugees from Ukraine who came to Slovakia with their pets. The Ukrainian families we come in

contact with are very polite and hardworking, and we are currently helping them especially with integration. Those who have a larger number of pets are not able to find a long-term rental, especially from the salary of one person. Homeowners rarely tolerate large numbers of pets. Our project is tailor-made to solve this problem. I also believe that this unicate project will also help to start the solution of deeper housing problems in Slovakia, it can be implemented quickly, cheaply and to any large extent necessary. "

Veronika Koníková, project realizator

“People fleeing the war, who have not abandoned their pets and have taken them with them, even if it means a million extra problems, have my admiration and deserve our maximum help. That's why we were looking for a way how our family could house at least a few people with animals, so that they would never have to face the dilemma whether to leave them to have a place to live. I believe that we would be able to help many people and animals this way if others were inspired by our solution."

Marianna Vojtechová, project realizator

Visualization of planned housing for a 60-year-old lady from Ukraine and her 9 cats:

What we need

We are interested in implementing this project as a family that owns land. We are looking for partners who will help us ensure the purchase of the necessary material and finance the preparatory work and necessary technology. We will perform manual work free of charge together with volunteers and accomodated refugees themselves. KOMA Slovakia, a company that rents mobile houses, will rent it to refugees as cheaply as possible. We will actively present all involved and sponsoring organizations in the media. 
Let's go! We have provided the land and the vision, we welcome every partner who wants to put their hand to the work so that we can provide housing as soon as they need it.

The actual work phases:


1. Removal of shrubs and vineyard columns on the land

We used most of the columns straight to prepare a new fence. The ladies are interested in planting currants, strawberries and a few vine roots in their new gardens, so we just cleaned the surrounding areas to the extent necessary. They will have their first harvest in the gardens this summer.











2. Excavation work and preparation of network connections

It follows in the second week of May. We will carry out the work by mechanism.

3. Creation of fencing, sidewalks and preparation of terrain for the residential unit

4. Transportation and placement of mobile houses - provided by the renting company

5. Placing furniture and appliances in each household



Material needed for preparing and dividing the land:

  • Fencing /material for creating 112 m of fence/: mesh, posts, ground screws, shading fabric, 4x entrance garden gate

  • Driveway and sidewalks: 20 m3 of gravel stones

  • Reinforcement of the area under the mobile house: concrete paver blocks 50x50x10 cm - 50 pcs


Material needed for connection to engineering networks:

  • Water connection: 60m of plumbing pipes + accessories 

  • Sewerage connection: 60m of sewer pipes + accessories

  • Electrical connection /existing house's electrical connection is not sufficient, it will be necessary to create a separate electrical connection for these residential units/: 80m of cable 5 core + 4x electricity meter + cabinet for 4x 3-phase socket


Necessary interior equipment for 1 accommodation unit:

  • Wardrobe /e.g. Ikea PLATSA/

  • Bed with extra bed /e.g. Ikea SLÄKT/

  • Table + chairs

  • Mini kitchen /e.g. Ikea KNOXHULT/

  • Appliances: top-loading washing machine, refrigerator, microwave oven, 2-plate hob

Preview on the cadastral map

obrazok4 (1).png

Dimensions of one mobile house unit

Dizajn bez názvu (2).png

We can provide rental housing for as long as necessary. After the project ends, the land will be returned to its original condition. Mobile houses will be returned to the company at the end of the lease. The fence will either be mobile and borrowed for a symbolic price, or if we will have to buy fences, they would then be dismantled and donated to a shelter or other non-profit organization that could continue to use them for a good cause, as well as other material.

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